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MCC Libraries' Super Search: Articles

Looking for the perfect articles?

We have got you covered! There are several different types of articles and a few ways to search for the right article. Below, you will find some great ways of finding what you're looking for. We have included descriptions below each option to simplify your search.

MCC Libraries Search

MCC Libraries Search allows you to search multiple databases at once for a particular topic. The results will typically include articles from academic journals, newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. Type in your keywords to perform a search. You can limit your search by date, by type of source (peer reviewed, magazine, etc.), or by full text, which allows you to read the whole article right away. MCC Search searches almost all of our content at once, sort of like a Google search for what the MCC library has access to. 

MCC Search is helpful if you want to search a variety of databases or for a variety of types of sources all at once. For more specific searching, try the Databases option to choose a specific database based on your subject.


Databases allow you to search for articles from academic journals, newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. Databases may also give you results from other types of sources, such as eBooks and streaming media. The MCC Libraries subscribe to over 135 different databases. Some of these databases are subject specific, while others are general, comprehensive databases that include information on many different subjects. Read the descriptions below the database title to choose the best option for your research needs. 

Databases are helpful if you want to focus your search on a specific subject. For example, search PsycARTICLES for psychology based research or CINAHL for nursing related research. You may need to search in more than one database to find appropriate articles for your research.

You can use the drop-down menus at the top of the Databases page to narrow down your database options by Subject (ex. arts, business, etc.) or Database Type (ex. newspapers, streaming media, etc.). 

Journals (BrowZine)

Browzine allows you to browse through academic journals by subject. It includes current and back issues.

Browzine is helpful if there is a specific journal you want to browse or if you want to see what journals are available on a particular subject. Although this collection includes academic journals, it is not ideal for searching for articles. Try using one of our databases or the MCC Libraries Search to search for academic journal articles.  

Magazines (Flipster)

Flipster allows you to search through a small collection of popular magazines. You can search individual issues of a magazine, both current and back issues. 

Flipster is helpful for when you know you want to read an article from a popular magazine. This collection does not include academic journals. Try using one of our databases or the MCC Libraries Search to find academic journal articles.

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