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BUS 211: Market Research (Hargis): Primary Research

Primary Research

 When you find out information on your own, specific to your product or service. You ask the questions and get answers.

Examples of Primary Research

 A. Surveys​ ​
 B. Speaking with stakeholders​ directly through Interviews​ or Focus Groups
     Stakeholders are anyone affected by your business – employees, customers,   
     community, investors, etc
 C. Observations​
 D. Analysis – involves collecting data and organizing it based on criteria you develop.
 Sally collects info from people with dry skin issues about how they currently treat it and if the treatment is working for them. She can then figure out how many people use what treatment and to what success they are using this treatment.

Helpful Primary Research Tools


 A. Create an easy to use survey
 * Only design actionable questions – meaning ask yourself, “what will I do with the info they give me?”
 * Craft great questions using Purdue OWL's Creating Good Interview and Survey Questions & this Harvard University Program on Survey Research Tip Sheet resource
 * Make sure it is not confusing or long * 3 – 6 questions
 B. Use Survey Monkey or Poll Daddy to conduct a survey
 C. Build a contact list that you can email out to, use something like Mail Chimp
 D. Promote the survey online:
 1. Survey Monkey & Poll Daddy can assist
 2. Post on Facebook in city or town groups
 3. Post on LinkedIn
 4. Post at locations with a community bulletin
 5. Use other social media
 6. Post a video with info about it on YouTube