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IDS: 107 - Career Exploration - James

Welcome to the First Year Experience LibGuide. Here you will find links to important resources related to the topics you're exploring in your FYE Seminars

The resources below will help you with researching a company.


Handout from class: Researching Company information.

Public vs Private Company

Public Company (also called a Publicly Traded Company)

  • Traded on the exchanges (by general public shareholders)
  • Required to provide ongoing detailed information in filings made with the Securities & Exchange Commission

Private Company

  • Owned by a closed group
  • Not required to release information and can be more challenging to research
  • Can range from small businesses to large well-known companies (Hallmark Cards and Mars Candy, for example).

Affiliated with Another Company?

  • Linked or related to larger firms
  • Several are household names but are difficult to research until one establishes its relationship to the larger company (e.g., American Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) is owned by Disney)

Source: Baruch College, Newman Library, Subject Guide

Library Databases for Company Research

Find Company Information on the Free Web

A company's mission statement will usually be the company's own website. Try using a search engine such as Google or Bing and search for the company's name and the phrase mission statement -- for example:

starbucks "mission statement"

On a company's website, look for a link to “Corporate Information,” “Investor Relations,” “Company Information,” or similar terms.

Looking at a company's social media can also provide information about its mission and values.  You can view a company's posts without needing to create accounts. For example, you can try searching the company's name and Facebook.