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ENG 101: English Comp (Miller): Evaluating Sources

Questions to ask yourself when looking at ANY source...

What is the source?     

Can you identify the type of information source you have found?
    Is it a book?
    An article?
    A web site?
    Something else? (Tweet? Podcast?)


What topics are covered?  

What is the main idea of the piece?

Are the topics covered supported by facts?


Why was it written?

What is the purpose of the information source?
Who is the intended audience?

 Is it meant to inform?
To persuade?
 To teach?

 To report the findings of some original research?
To entertain?



How does it compare to other items you have found?

What are the research methods, if any, employed in the source?

Does the author cite other research? Is there a bibliography? Footnotes?
Have other scholars cited the information source?
Does the work succeed?

How is it useful to me or others?



Who is the author?
What are the author’s credentials?

Are they experts in their field?

What are the author’s affiliations?
What are the author’s goals & objectives?



When was the information created or last updated?

Is the author referring to the most recent news or study for accurate information?

Is the date important for the timeliness of the content?

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