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ENG 161: Modern American Literature (Gamache): Getting Started

ENG 161: Modern American Literature

Welcome to the course guide for ENG 161: Modern American Literature with Professor Gamache. This page will outline the group project you will be working on in this class. Click through the other tabs to see information about each category of the assignment, as well as links to the databases and websites you will be using. Download the assignment sheet below:

Where to Begin?

1. Start by electing group members to:

  • Create the Google Slides project, then adjust share settings, create a shareable link to email the group members;  Consider using a cool template in Google Slides, instead of their boring styles. Try downloading one that fits stylistically from Slides Carnival.
  • Create your MCC NoodleTools account. Once everyone makes an account, you want to share your usernames with the group, and be added as a “student collaborator” so that you can all work on ONE Works Cited page together, exported once at the very end to go on your final slide. 


2. Start by viewing my sample presentation on Walt Whitman to use as a model. 


  • All categories above are included and clearly indicated; 
  • The category titles on slides, 
  • The in-text citation on each slide for all images and sourced information matches up with the Works Cited entires, just like an essay for a college class. 
  • There’s no plagiarism, because I cited EVERYTHING, both on the slides and on a Works Cited, not one or the other. Think about it: if I have a great Works Cited page, but no in-text citation on the slides, how will the audience know which sources match up with which info on the slides?


3. Divide up the assignment categories with your group members, being careful to delegate 

equal work. Please initial your slides in the speaker notes so that I can see who did what. When necessary, I can give separate grades for the presentation. 

4. Make sure you have at least one cited visual image on each slide.

Group Research Presentation

In order to gain background information on weekly class topics, a small group of students will collaborate to introduce an author for the class. Presenters will share credible, cool biographical info, historical context, images, a video, news sources, social media, and any other relevant information to prepare us for that week’s reading. The rest of us will take great notes in our notebooks on the presentation!

Students are required to share their presentation with their professor for feedback is before sharing their presentation—so please edit the share settings in your presentation, then email me the link to your Google Slides project by the due date listed on the schedule.

Research Project & Presentation Grading Sheet & Rubric (out of 30)




Citation Notes & Professor Comments:


Research & Content (10)


All categories are included:

Biography/Background (2) ___

·       Cited? ___

Historical Context (2) ___

·       Cited? ___

      News & Social Media (2) ___

·       Cited? ___

Visual images (2) ___

·       All images cited?

        Media clip  (2) ___

·       Cited? ___

Cool facts & new terms (2) ___

·       Cited? ___

Is the information from credible sources?



Are these sources cited in-text in parentheses, and do they correspond to the submitted Works Cited page?


Images & Media (10)

1.  Cool template used? Visually interesting to the audience? ___

2. Visual images and other media are used in every slide?

2.  All are cited individually? ____

3.  One relevant video or film clip is used, and the clip is under 2 minutes? __

4. Works Cited slide at the end including all images? ___

5.  Noodlebib was clearly used? ___


Overall Organization, Credibility, &




1. All sources used are credible? ___

So, no sketchy, unauthored web sources? ___

2. Slides are organized and proofread: presented in a logical order with clear categories? ___

3. Slides are labeled and initialed? ___

4. The presentation conveys effort, knowledge, and enthusiasm about the topic? ___

5. Does the presentation go above and beyond the expectations? (+5) __


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