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ECO140: Principles of Macroeconomics (Sharma): Assignment




You have been hired as consultants. 

Your team has been asked to prepare a proposal and make a recommendation for setting up a branch location in COUNTRY "X".

Your recommendation will be based on exploring the macroeconomic, business, and cultural issues in COUNTRY "X".

If the proposal is accepted, you and your team will move to country X  for two years.

You are required to prepare a background report with a recommendation to either go ahead with the plan or reject it.

Keeping the purpose of the report in mind, conduct an analysis on the following:
Political, historical, geographical background of the country Brief
Cultural Do's and Don'ts of conducting business in the country

Economic Indicators and the trends in the past 5 years


a) GDP compare to the US use charts
b) Inflation compare to the US use charts
c) Unemployment compare to the US use charts
d) Population growth compare to the US use charts


e) chief exports - trading partners compare to the US
f) chief imports - trading partners compare to the US
g) balance of trade compare to the US
h) strengths of the economy
i)  major economic problems
j) sectors of the economy that are showing potential for growth
k) strength of the currency relative to the USD
l) human rights violations/ problems in the past 5 years; other human rights issues you should be concerned about


You are required to use a Power Point presentation. 
The slides on the power point presentation should have bullet points and not complete sentences/paragraphs.
Do not read from the slides. You should use the points on the slides to explain your research. We can all read the slides--hence, make sure your presenation adds value to the class time.
Include a video which is current, and relevant. Maximum length of the video (s) - 5 minutes
Each speaker should present for a minimum of 5 minutes (this does not include the video)
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