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MCCLibVids: FAQ: Write in eBooks


The MCCLibVids are in the process of being updated following our library website update.  In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact an MCC Librarian.  You can do it. We are here to help!

I can write in an eBook?

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Video Transcript:

I Can Write in an eBook?

Hello. I am Mark Matook, Student Success Librarian of Systems and Electronic Resources for the Middlesex Community College Libraries.  This is MCCLibVids FAQ.  Today, we are answering the question: I can write in an eBook?

It’s not usually the case that you are encouraged to write in a library book.  We are about to look at one of our eBook platforms which allows you to do just that.  In another MCCLibVid, we showed you how to search for eBooks using MCC Search.  Today, we will be exploring ProQuest eBook Central and some of the perks that come with using it directly.  Give it a click. 

If prompted to login, simply enter your library login credentials.  If you have questions about logging in, be sure to watch our MCCLibVid titled “How do I login from off-campus?

In ProQuest eBook Central, you can begin with basic search, advanced search, or browse by subjects.  If you choose to run a search, you will be brought to the results page.  As with MCC Search, refining options are on the left to narrow in on titles that best match your research needs.  Once you find a result of interest, click on the title.  You can review the record page to see if it’s a fit. 

If you wish to save the title to a list, click “Add to Bookshelf” on the left and add it to an existing or new folder.  The book will then be saved on your “Bookshelf” accessible via the button at the top right of the window.  You may use the “Read Online” or “Download” options on the left to access the full text.  If you choose “Read Online” you will have access to many great tools such as highlighting, adding notes, or adding bookmarks. 

To highlight a section of interest, simply click the highlight icon at the top of the window.  Then, click and drag your cursor over the text you wish to highlight.  You may also wish to include a note to give context or how you might wish to apply this information in your work.  Do so by clicking the note icon at the top of the page and entering your note’s text in the resulting box.  Markups like these will be collected.  You can access them by clicking the star on the left side of the window.  Clicking each will bring you to that location in the book. 

If you have any questions about this and other topics, we encourage you to contact an MCC Librarian by visiting our site and using some of the many means of contact.  

Your MCC Librarians

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