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Google Search: Search Strategies

Boolean Operators

Calculator Operators



Type into Search Box













% of

  Percentage of

     20% of 16


Raise to a power

     2^5 (2 to the 5th power)

Operators or Shortcuts


What It Does

"Exact Phrase"

Searches an exact phrase in exact order

ex.  “Boston Red Sox 2018 Season”


Searches two terms equally

ex. world cup football or soccer


Subtracts a term from search ex.  bat -baseball

“ ”

Add a term you want to see in each result by putting quotes around a single word


Acts as a placeholder for a word or letter

ex. “* is the key to success”


Search within a range of numbers

ex. DVD player $100..$200

to find a DVD player that costs between $100-200


Gives a definition ex. define:disinterested


or ext:

Limits search to a specific filetype

ex. bat -baseball filetype:ppt

will give you PowerPoints about the mammals called bats (and nothing about baseball bats)


Converts units ex. “feet in a mile”


Finds sites that link to your URL



Shows results that are related

ex. “”


Shows your term in a specific site

ex. 2018

(will search the Boston Athletic Association for winners of the 2018 marathon)


Searches for a specific person or thing in a specific news source

ex. “Anderson Cooper source:New York Times”

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