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ENG 102: English Comp (Gillis): Eng 102 (Gillis)

Reviews vs Criticism

Film reviews are usually written by journalists around the time of the release of the film.  They are written for the public and describe the characters and plot to help readers decide whether to see the film.

Film criticism is typically written by scholars who analyze the film in terms of the genre and the historical and cultural significance of the film.  It may be written many years after the release of the film.

Databases that might be helpful

Searching Tips and Tricks

  • Put the title of the film or play in quotations marks to keep the phrase together     "Shawshank Redemption"
  • Add the name of the director or an actor to your search if the title is a common word or phrase     Mud + McConaughey
  • Every film or play does not have serious articles written about it or reviews, a film like "Grown Ups 2" may not have anything serious written about it.
  • If you cannot find anything about the film you may be able to find articles about the director that discuss her/his style
  • Know what year the film was made, that will help if you need information from that year

Having trouble finding anything?  Contact me or any of the librarians:

Flipster and Browzine

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